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Phaphatha is a true multimedia company. We are a collective of local and international freelance designers and developers, led by a team with nearly 50  years of combined industry experience in design and project management.

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Phaphatha provides you with a uniquely varied service offering. We have the skills,  capacity, and commitment, to provide our clients with the very highest level of quality in all your projects.

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Cyberpunk is so hot right now. We’re big fans of the aesthetic with its high contrast, soft glows and faux dystopian feel. So this week we decided to do both a mobile and desktop versions of the wallpaper. We took …

Did you know that June 6th mark 77 years since Operation Overlord was launched during World War 2. This operation had some 160,000 troops cross the English channel for the largest amphibious invasion in history to that point. Those brave …

In case you haven’t guessed it, We LOOOOOOVE making movies, series, commercials and basically any type of video. I guess we all have zombies on the mind since Army of the Dead’s release. Even though we already LOVED anything to …