Documentary trailer Gaining Ground – A documentary series

In addition to working with various clients in various industries, we actually make content of our own. One of our upcoming projects is a documentary series called Gaining Ground. The concept of Gaining Ground is to follow various sports and entertainment figures, who have been pushing their own boundaries in relative quiet and small to no budgets, to maximize their own potential.


Director of photography Tlamelo Tlhoro
Tlamelo checking out the field. She finally let me have a go on the camera.

Start, we started work on the concept last year. Tlamelo Tlhoro, who you will get to know, and I came up with the concept of filming my rugby coaching sessions (I’m a World Rugby Level 2 7’s and 15’s qualified coach) and it all kind of started there. Soon we were filming everything, and we couldn’t help but make something from all the content we had. We actually have another project in the works that we hope to make into a feature length documentary, but more on that another time.


Gaborone Hogs field over looked by Kgale Hill
Great view to put in that work

More recently I started working on Mkululi Ndhlela or MK as we all call him. He’s Gaborone Rugby Football Club, and Zimbabwe Cheetah’s player who’s played in the HSBC 7’s series and hopes to be playing in the Olympics very soon. He came to me looking for some personal training to prepare for the Solidarity Camp in South Africa with Uganda, South Africa, and Kenya. The very finest 7’s teams in the world. As a young rugby coach, this was an opportunity I couldn’t ignore, on top of that he’s actually a really good guy and a friend.

When he was first called up for the camp he was a bit worried because, like many of us, he hadn’t been training as much as he’d like to. getting fit enough, in such a short space of time was genuinely something of a concern. We worked together for a 4 weeks and I’m proud to say, he made the squad.


Anyway, that’s enough for today. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress, and tell us what you think of the trailer. As always, if you need video services click the link below or email us

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