Wallpaper Wednesday 12-05-21

It’s that time again. Wallpaper Wednesday! This week was a pretty busy one. Between shooting documentaries,designing client websites, and various other stuff (All of which we’ll tell you all about as soon as we can), we’ve been kept rather busy. I was trolling the internet for some inspiration and came upon this image on a tutorial website (click image to check it out):

How To Create a Vintage Style Large Letter Postcard Design

While it would have been easy to follow along (which if you’re a novice I fully recommend), I decided to attempt to figure out how he did it from scratch. My inspiration this week was the place I coach at Wharic Park, home of Gaborone Rugby Football Club. We have this AMAZING view of the highest point in Botswana, Kgale Hill:

Kgale Hill from Wharic Park

With a view like this, how can you not be inspired?! So, I got to working it out how to create this awesome vintage inspired design. I gotta admit, it took me a bit, but I think it came out pretty good:

I obviously made some improvements so the postcard looked like it was on a table than simply floating, for instance. What do you reckon? Do you wanna ditch email for snail mail and send a couple of these out to friends?

Be sure to leave a comment and tell us what you think. and any suggestions for future Wallpaper Wednesdays. Till next time folks!

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