Wallpaper Wednesday – Soffritto Pop Art Wallpaper

One of the big trends we coming back in the the world is Pop Art. Now Pop Art emerged in the mid-1950s and 60s in Britain and America when artists created works inspired by the realities of everyday life or popular culture, thus the name.

Artists such as Andy Warhol (probably the most famous proponent of it all), Roy Lichtenstein, and Richard Hamilton questioned elitist culture and fine art traditions and instead used imagery and techniques drawn from mass media and mass culture.

No let’s be clear, this high color, pop art, comic book style is in and we’re here for it. I mean just look at our site. full of half tones, high color, aggressive color combinations and more. Now we’re into art in all forms, ESPECIALLY food. So this week we have a food inspired pop art from one of the true culinary destinations in the world: Italy.

Soffritto Wallpaper Wednesday

What do you think of our food inspired Pop Art? You here for it? Tell us, and tell us what else you’d like to see us do.

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