Wallpaper Wednesday – Never Forget World War 2 background

Did you know that June 6th mark 77 years since Operation Overlord was launched during World War 2. This operation had some 160,000 troops cross the English channel for the largest amphibious invasion in history to that point. Those brave souls risked life and limb that day, willingly, to bring freedom to a beleaguered Europe, and attempt to end the tyranny of Nazi Occupation.

I won’t speak to much on it, but as a bit of an amateur historian, I have always had an affinity for that particular period of history. This month we’ll be presenting a series of 1940’s themed designs on the site and on social media. While today isn’t the anniversary, we decided to do this one early. Here you go:

Wallpaper Wednesday never forget WW2 background

Do tell us what you think of the design. and if you have any requests again, please share them with us. We’re always on the prowl for fun ideas.

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